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Helping You Build Your At-Home Yoga Practice

Flip Book Flows is a series of flipbooks designed to help you create your own personal practice. Flip through to get familiar with the flow, stop at any pose to get a breakdown of the posture including names in English and Sanskrit, alignment cues, and variations.

Wether you practice at home, in the gym, or in the park; Flip Book Flows is your companion to help your learn a unique flow while also providing a breakdown of postures with a variety of options to help you modify the flow to fit your body's needs.  

First Flow Coming Soon!

This first Flip Book Flows series will focus on opening the spine so that you can sit taller, stand straighter, and find more strength through your day-to-day posture. The first in this series will be a gentle exploration, accessible to all levels and easily modified for a more intense or a more relaxing practice.  Submit your email below to get early access!

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