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Business Coaching & Consulting

As a Business & Marketing Professional with over a decade of experience, I'm on a mission to simplify the digital marketing landscape for entrepreneurs and business owners so they can easily manage their marketing efforts and successfully reach their business goals.

Prior to taking flight and traveling full-time to teach yoga, I had worked in the corporate marketing field since 2010. I started my marketing career in event management during the beginning stages of the digital marketing rise when Facebook was still new. I started using it to market events (before there were even event pages!), it took off and as you know, everyone's doing it now.
My primary job was in the restaurant industry managing the digital platforms including websites, online ordering platforms, ecommerce, customer feedback, and all things social media. The longer I worked in the field the more I had people reach out to me for help with their projects or businesses, and I've consistently done freelance and consulting work since 2015. These "side-hustles" allowed me to explore other industries (primarily travel and wellness), expand my skillset, and hone my talents as a project manager. While I primarily teach now, I still keep a small handful of marketing clients because I truly enjoy the work and I love helping others go after their dreams. In the last year, I've helped 3 businesses launch and am currently working with the next! 

I provide services in overall marketing strategy, digital and social media marketing, facebook and instagram training, paid advertisement training and management, website creation and optimization, and more. However, the most valuable thing I provide is partnership. I only work with businesses and people I believe in, which means you have a partner that is committed to your success, not your payment.

In our work together, my priority is helping you create clarity around your needs and your vision, so we can create an actionable plan to reach your business goals. I am here to turn the mountain of work into a systematic plan with help to manage projects and the skills to bring your ideas to life. 

Client Sample

Client Sample

Bhavani Maki
Paid Advertisement 

Fairfield Travel Center
Social Media Training + Website Rebuild

Aesthetica by April
Website Build

BigFatTails Pet Beds
Social Media Training + Paid Advertisement + Website Optimization

Hawaii Nexus
Social Media Training + Website Optimization

Logo  + Social Media Training + Website Optimization

Social Media Training

Planet Janet Travels
Social Media Training

The Fix Yoga Studio
Website Build + Social Media Training

Packages & Pricing

Sample Packages & Pricing

Please note these are samples and estimates, each project and business is unique with its own set of needs, prices are negotiable, subject to change, and are agreed upon with each partner before work begins. If price is not specified, price varies based upon the scope of work required.


When deciding to work together, we'll start with a free consultation that is typically 30 mins to 1 hour. During this session we discuss your needs and where you need help, as well as my skills and experience and what I can do to help you. If it's a fit, we'll figure out an agreement that works for both of us (sometimes thats hourly, sometimes that's one of the packages below) and you'll usually leave with a few tips to start working on. 



No logo, fonts, or colors? Not sure how to craft a brand? No problem. Guarantees a logo, primary font and color themes, branding elements, tagline, target market identification, brand voice coaching and an easy to use reference guide.


This is for those that have a site but need a major overhaul/update or you want to make sure it's working for your business as best as it can. I can help you figure out which parts work and which parts need improvement and what your options are. I will also help you analyze your website from a customer standpoint to ensure we optimize their experience and it's easy for them to purchase your goods/services.


You know you need one but you're not sure where to start. We've all been there. This package provides a custom website built for you on one of several major platforms such as Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, etc. Includes help selecting domains, implementing branding, and organizing/disseminating relevant brand info. Websites are built with the focus on the customer journey, how the customer will interact with your brand and how to most effectively utilize the website platform to achieve your business goals. Also includes training on how to make basic edits to your website on your own.


Want to have a go to person to handle website edits and updates? This monthly subscription includes a guarantee that your site will always be kept up to date, as well as provides up to 4 hours of content work per month, plus a monthly analytics report and a monthly meeting to review.


Did you know email programs are still one of the most important parts of effective online marketing? This monthly package would guarantee you weekly emails tailored to your business and its goals. Experience using most major platforms like Constant Contact and MailChimp.


This training program covers major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to give you the ins and outs on how to use them and what current best practices are. Typically takes place over 3-4 meetings scheduled according to your pace. Includes content coaching, content styling, scheduling, copy samples, hashtag training, influencer marketing, campaign management, and more.


Already have social media set up and going but not sure if it could be better? This includes a full review of your current content efforts, what works, what doesn't and how you can improve. The last piece is a coaching call to review your report and answer all your questions so you feel confident in implementing this new information.


If you have a presence on social, and you know paid advertisement should be part of this but you don't want to worry about it, this package is for you. Includes paid ad creation, implementation, management, and reporting on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. Does not include organic content or feedback management.


This service is designed to help manage all the chatter that occurs online about your business. Over the years I have responded to thousands of reviews and have consistently turned poor reviews around while also utilizing positive reviews to increase sales. I can help you handle all the feedback from Google Review to Yelp to Website Comments to Internal Team Feedback.


Want someone to do it all? Organic content creation, posting, customer interaction, comment/dm communication, paid ads, targeted campaigns to drive online sales, reporting, etc. This is a full package solution.


This takes the social media package a step further and adds in all paid digital advertisement, email campaign management, and website management programs; giving you a go-to person for all things digital when it comes to your business. I work hand-in-hand with you to build your business' online brand and presence. Making it not only manageable and easy to understand, but effective, efficient, and profitable.


When deciding to work together, we'll start with a free consultation that is typically 30 mins to 1 hour. During this session we discuss your needs and where you need help, as well as my skills and experience and what I can do to help you. If it's a fit, we'll figure out an agreement that works for both of us (sometimes thats hourly, sometimes that's one of the packages below) and you'll usually leave with a few tips to start working on. 

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Stop looking like this while you try to figure out how to launch your small business or establish a marketing strategy for your existing business. 

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Consultation meeting does not guarantee work or contract, it is a discussion where we explore your needs, and how my experience and skills can help you find solutions. If it feels like a fit, we'll talk about what the partnership looks like going forward, once we're both happy with the agreement, we'll get to work!

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