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"The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life."

 BKS Iyengar

About Samantha Rei 

In 2008, I took my first yoga class while attending college and quickly fell in love with the practice. These early classes took me beyond my physical being, allowing me to connect with myself on a deeper level, and cultivate a self-care routine that created a calm clarity in the chaos of life.

After completing my first 200 Hour Yoga Teaching Certificate in 2016, I went on to complete a Restorative Yoga Certification at Prana Yoga Center in La Jolla, CA and continued training at White Peacock Yoga in Encinitas, CA to complete a 500 Hour Bhakti Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification. Since 2016, I have taught locally as well as internationally in places from California and Hawaii to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Not only has it been exciting and adventurous to connect with all types of students at home and abroad, it's been incredibly rewarding to help others cultivate a connection within themselves.

Each class I share is infused with mantras and music, and includes a focus on melding breath with mindful movement in order to create space that allows students to embrace their physical bodies, nurture their emotional beings, and see the beauty in our every day lives. 


Meditating in Nature



With trainings and experience in multiple yoga lineages, classes range from advancing vinyasa, to slow gentle flows, and restorative classes. All classes are designed to help you safely open up the body to create healthy mobility and strength while also cultivating a deeper connection to self. 

Currently only teaching public inperson classes at Costa Dulce in Nicaragua.

Sound Healing

At our very base structure we are just energy, and all energy has a vibration, a frequency and a sound. By utilizing different instruments and sounds we can connect with our energetic field, bring peace and tranquility to our being, and experience other realms of possibilities. Treat yourself to a private Sound Bath Experience custom designed to you and your needs.


My signature workshop offering is a 2 hour session that melds several different modalities of yoga and sound together to drop you into deep state of relaxation, allowing the body to begin healing itself while also opening you to form a more intimate connection with self and. This offering has inspired deep community connections and healing. Stay tuned for upcoming events or book a private session for yourself or your group.

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

Before getting into specifics on styles, let's define what yoga is. With a simple google search, you can find a zillion different descriptions of Yoga. At its origins, yoga has an incredibly rich history, was birthed in Ancient India and has been practiced for centuries.  Modern yoga, as we find it here in the West, most often falls under the umbrella of Hatha Yoga (more on Hatha Yoga below). While yoga historically was part of Hindu religious practices, it is not a religious practice in and of itself. It has many spiritual elements to it, but you do not need to prescribe to any religion or sacrifice your existing beliefs in order to practice and receive the benefits of yoga.


Yoga, in its most literal translation, means 'union'. It is the practice of unifying the mind, body, and spirit in order to assist practitioners in cultivating a greater connection with the self. Ultimately, anything done with awareness can be considered yoga. As defined by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, "Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha" meaning yoga is the calming of the fluctuations of the mind. 


The 8 Limbs of Yoga, According to Patanjali

Yamas: Restraints, or moral disciplines/vows

Niyamas: Observances / Self-disciplines

Asana: Postures / Poses 

Pranayama: Breathing techniques

Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the senses

Dharana: Focused Concentration

Dhyana: Meditative Absorption

Samadhi: Bliss / Enlightenment

What types or styles of yoga are offered?

While most classes blend one or more types of yoga to provide a well rounded practice, a breakdown of the different lineages that are pulled from are listed below. 

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga encompasses most yoga seen in the West. This practice is largely focused on the physical postures, called asanas, paired with the breath to find balance in the body and mind. Hatha classes are typically a slower flow with longer holds in postures when compared to a typical vinyasa class. 

Vinyasa Yoga

Translated literally, vinyasa means 'to place in a special way.' Vinyasa classes entail a sequence of postures that artfully flow together and align with the rhythm of the breath. It is common to see different levels of vinyasa classes indicating the intensity of the postures and pace of the sequence.

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti is the yoga of devotion or love. It is often described as the surrender to the divine in one's inner self. Bhakti yoga aims to bring the heart back into the practice of yoga. Classes with heavy Bhakti influences incorporate more music, mantras, and even kirtan. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is based in the science of relaxation. The ultimate goal of restorative yoga is to find postures that support all parts of the body, so that all tension and gripping can be released. A restorative class usually consists of just a handful of postures supported by props such as bolsters, blocks, and blankets. Postures are then typically held for 5 or more minutes, giving the body time to fully and completely relax in each posture.

Chronic stress, unresolved traumas, and our modern over-stimulated lifestyle can wreak havoc on the body by over stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, our fight or flight response. Restorative yoga, allows the body to tone the vagus nerve, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, and shift into a mode of relaxation, digestion, and regeneration, which has a myriad of health benefits.  ​

I've never done yoga. How do I know it's for me?

Only you can answer that. There are different styles for everyone, and each person has their own preference. If you're ready to explore yoga but aren't sure what type of class to take, I suggest beginning by taking a private class with a teacher that has a diverse background. If you prefer to start with a public class, a slow/gentle flow class or restorative class are great places to begin. When taking your first class, nothing fancy is needed, just wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in. You can get inexpensive mats at many different locations, most studios also have mats available to loan out. If you have any questions, I'm happy to chat and help you find the right fit. Text me at +1.209.479.3561 or email

What is Sound Healing?

What is Sound Healing?

At an atomic level, we are energy. All energy moves. Anything that moves has a vibration. All vibration has a sound (even if we cannot perceive it with our human ears). 'Sound Healing' is the practice of utilizing different instruments, in this case Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, to connect with your being's vibrational frequencies. By utilizing sound, we can facilitate changes in the fluctuations of brainwaves by providing a stable frequency the brain can attune to.  In addition to calming the nervous system and providing a sense of tranquility, sound healing sessions can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, improve sleep, and more.

Recordings are a beautiful place to start, but when you have a chance, get yourself to a live session so you can fully experience the vibrations produced by the different instruments used in a sound session. 

I currently offer Sound and Energy Healing Workshops incorporating a variety of techniques including movement, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan/Himalayan Singing Bowls, Mantras/Chanting, and more. Email to set up your private or group workshop.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

During a yoga nidra experience, we fall into a state of meditation or "yogic sleep" where we tap into the space between awake and asleep. Here in the in-between we are able to work with our subconscious mind to make subtle shifts.​ Sound can help us move energy through the body, water helps rebalance that moved energy so drink plenty of it.

You may feel rejuvenated and refreshed, as if just having had a delicious nap.

Use headphones and an eye mask for the most immersive experience.

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Yoga Nidra
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